Sunday, September 23, 2007

If I Defend Myself I Am Attacked

Today I experienced so many things--- I don't know, if I am able to bring them all together to share. Probably not-I am having a real short term memory. Oh, well...

One thing was: I just stop trying to proof anything to you. In fact you are completely perfect and lovable exactly as you are right now. If you see a problem, I will share my vision with you, knowing that our ultimate goal is shared: we want to be happy and we can leave space and time together right now. In this holy instant.

So sometimes I come across a guy that wants to argue with me. I love it. So the experiment is to agree with him completely. Yes. You are right. Yes, absolutely.

I don't want to defend ANY idea about myself.

The funny thing though is that there is always such a conversion point in that. There seems always a moment of openness that follows and THAT'S what I am looking for. It feels somehow like forgiveness, like I included you in with myself. Like, everything is getting adjusted to this call for God that is ALL-WAYS going on.

The only thing that CAN be shared is truth. So how can we know what is true?

I think: if it brings JOY to us and everyone in the universe seen or unseen. But it does not matter how it looks today, because: "A happy outcome to ALL things is sure." I don't want to be the judge of anything anymore.

Does this make any sense at all?
I love you with all my heart and liver:)

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