Tuesday, September 11, 2007


9/11 appears in a lot of minds as a terrible, tragic day.

It is quite amazing how we cling to the past and believes connected to them and also the decision to give them a certain meaning.
I remember that I couldn't believe what i saw on TV that day and I thought I was very shocked and confused. I was in Berlin at the time on a shopping street and overheard guys talking about it. One of them said: "This means war" --I did not know what he was talking about, till I got to my friends place where it was the first thing that was shown on TV.
I also remember looking within and saying: "Above all else I want to see" and "Above all else I want to see THINGS differently". What occurred was this: I saw a big column of Light arising from just that very same spot where the towers stood. There was something profound happening that I could not know what the meaning was, but I knew: all is right.
Later I decided to join with our Healing Center Station in NY and went to see the place myself and offer my help. Everyone I met on the streets seemed very open and loving and when I got to the site where the planes crashed, I felt more then I saw: this immense energy that would arise straight into the heavens. The reassurance came into my mind quickly: --There is more going on then I think and understand right now AND it is good. There is only love.

Watch these videos with Byron Katie about how to turn around the fear of attackpart1 and part2

PS: 9/11 happens to be my friends birthday and the phone# we call in an emergency.
What picture do put with a post like that? I can't think of one...

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