Monday, February 20, 2006

What About Getting Out of That Rocking Chair?

What are you wishing for right now?Take a moment and look into your mind.

What is it you want?

Wishing indicates desire. Desire is a good, powerful tool and will get you to your goal eventually. How great is determination combined with it! I am determined to see.

Conflicting wishes, however, can never succeed. They will make up the chaos that you call this world and will go against God’s will and the truth. So your wish has to be undivided, completely passionate and focused on a “true goal.” What is a true goal then? Let’s face it right from the start: the only goal that can be achieved in space/time is one in accordance with God - period.

Do you still wish for what you had in mind at the beginning of this article?

Say for example, you wish to make someone happy and to be happy. (That would be a true goal.) You may say it, but do you mean it?

Being a Teacher of God simply means that you really really want to be happy and start to get into action. And that might feel a little uncomfortable at first and will take your determination. But hey, I don’t want to die in a rocking chair, do you? If you do not want to die, get up now!

I enjoyed reading something that Kathrin Kuhlman wrote in “A Glimpse into Glory” that I’d like to share with you:

“...You came to Aunt Litty’s house at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, she was still rocking. She’d just sit there by the hour, wishing. Wishing the work would get done. Wishing the washing was over with. Wishing that she didn’t have to get grandpa’s meal. Wishing she had what the neighbors had. Rocking and wishing.

I guess that’s the reason that to this day, I don’t like rocking chairs. I’ve seen so many of God’s precious children afflicted with this spirit of laziness. They wish God would do something for them. They wish God would heal their bodies. They wish God would meet their needs. They wish they could have, spiritually, what other people talk about. But they never receive because they are slothful.

You don’t get things from God that way. You’ve got to get yourself out of that rocking chair. You’ve got to put feet to your wishes. You’ve got to have gumption. You’ve got to do something about your dreams, or they’ll never come true.

That’s what Jesus meant when He said, “Ask and Ye shall receive.” Some have never asked. "Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” There are those who have never even knocked. “Seek and ye shall find.” Some have never sought.

If you only knew the potentialities in your own life - the potential you have in Christ Jesus. If you only knew. If you this very moment, sitting there in defeat, despair, and despondency, could only see the great power plant to achieve that is sitting idle in your soul, waiting for you to throw the switch. If you only knew what you could be in Christ Jesus, but laziness robs you of success...”

“...There are no limitations to what faith and gumption can accomplish. Absolutely none. As long as your faith in God is intact, all the reservoirs of power are at your disposal.

But hear me. God won’t do a thing to help you to bring it to pass until you get up and out of that chair and start doing something about it. Faith without works, faith without gumption, is dead. But with God’s power and your gumption, the opportunities are unlimited...”

What Kuhlman calls "laziness” I would rather call, with Jesus, an “untrained mind.” An untrained mind can accomplish nothing. That’s why we have the Workbook of A Course In Miracles - to unlearn or undo what has no reality.

Not a thing will happen to you if you are not willing to for-give, meaning giving your faith, willingness to be wrong, excitement, desire for adventure, courage to go beyond limitations. But only your active participation in wanting to know by your own experience what real life is about will set you free and make you and everyone around you happy. That is the promise for the Teacher of God. And it works! Let’s decide for heaven now! Let’s get alive.

I love you, Lily