Thursday, November 10, 2005

Now let a new perception come to me.

The only moment I can be saved is indeed NOW! I am willing to release the past along with the future and ask for something new. Isn't it funny that in times when eveything falls apart, we start to feel alive?

The truth is quite simple:

If I do not let everything fall apart in each moment I am actually dead.

There is no sence in holding anything together but to start depending solely on God. This moment, NOW, is where the miracle happens and the impossible can occur...

It's falling back together through God Who knows my needs better than I do.
I love you all, Lily.

Now let a new perception come to me.

Father, there is a vision which beholds all things as sinless, so that fear has gone, and where it was is love invited in. And love will come wherever it is asked. This vision is Your gift. The eyes of Christ look on a world forgiven. In His sight are all its sins forgiven, for He sees no sin in anything He looks upon. Now let His true perception come to me, that I may waken from the dream of sin and look within upon my sinlessness, which You have kept completely undefiled upon the altar to Your holy Son, the Self with Which I would identify.

Let us today behold each other in the sight of Christ. How beautiful we are! How holy and how loving! Brother, come and join with me today. We save the world when we have joined. For in our vision it becomes as holy as the light in us.

I seek a future different from the past.

From new perception of the world there comes a future very different from the past. The future now is recognized as but extension of the present. Past mistakes can cast no shadows on it, so that fear has lost its idols and its images, and being formless, it has no effects. Death will not claim the future now, for life is now its goal, and all the needed means are happily provided. Who can grieve or suffer when the present has been freed, extending its security and peace into a quiet future filled with joy?

Father, we were mistaken in the past, and choose to use the present to be free. Now do we leave the future in Your Hands, leaving behind our past mistakes, and sure that You will keep Your present promises, and guide the future in their holy light.


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