Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Healing Yourself

Are you ready to be healed?

Healing is a natural occurrence through simply listening to the Voice for God. The Voice for God is in everything - it could be, listening to the needs of your brother (the guy next to you), being ready to serve or making tea. It is an action of mind. And this can be practiced. That's what the Course in Miracles taught me.

Today a dear brother came up to me, thanking me for a revelation he had while I was standing with him in our light meditation at the academy. I am deeply grateful to him as well. "You are a real healer" he said. I laughed.

We both knew that whatever happened there, had nothing to do with me. It was brought about through the simple joining of minds and complete surrender to Gods will( --I will be wrong with this description too, but this is what I come up with to find words for something that is completely miraculous and not conceptual).

Joining without fear in love. Pure extension. I LOVE IT!! You stay available for God and all that is happening around you is healing, because you are going home to God. My function is forgiveness. I remember having this thought while I was standing with this brother: "Give me your burden."- And that thought was just given me- it also had nothing to do with me. Everything is pure grace.

You start to be moved by God instead of moving yourself through self will coming from judgments made in the past.

So much more happened, that I can't even describe here, but maybe it can be summed up this way:


Blessings, Lily.

PS: If you like the image as your desktop? Contact me and I'll send you a bigger file.


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