Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Being awake is being your self as god created you. It has NOTHING to do what you are thinking about yourself now, or remembered or anticipated. It is merely a recognition, NOT a process in time.
A friend called me the yesterday saying that there are still things that he desires in this world. He can't live without sex or affection.
Neither do I-I just want more...Being with God is pure intimacy and the joy that I experience is so beyond any imagination. Finally I began to realize that I have only ONE relationship and that is with God. As soon as I knew that, all relationships became a reflection of this ONE relationship. And it has zero to do with bodies.

I had to chuckle a bit, because everyone seems to think a "spiritual life" will demand sacrifices. And I remember having these thoughts myself.

Wanting to be with God only needs one single decision and my dedication to it in any situation. I NEED do nothing. Everything from then on is an UNlearning or an UNdoing. Because I am already. Nothing needs to be changed. Everything that I need is given me. Without demanding what that will look like tomorrow.

That is my freedom and yours.
I love you so very much, Lily.

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