Thursday, January 24, 2008

Breaking The Spell

I have not written a word for so long, that I have to make this step just to brake the "spell"- to write just a few words without knowing what to say.

We are so blessed, to simply not know what the next step is going to be. You are willing to listen and to do according to the instructions you receive. Every day I experience the impossibility of myself- just this identity that pinned itself to looking at a world it does not understand. And then I can go to session and watch the latest video with Master Teacher on Christian Sience and I get simply exstatic. I am out of my mind happy and still don't have a clue. I feel I am on this great adventure.

This is my little contribution today in hopes that I will write more often.

Just doing it and see what happens.
I am deeply grateful for you joining me in this great awakening.
Love ya!

Isn't this winter beautiful? I never knew how many different kinds of snow there are. Wow!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This Body Is Not Me

This is my salvation today:

“Prayer – The Upward Dimension: Earthbound - Landlocked
by Joel Goldsmith

We are earthbound and we are landlocked until we break out by going upward. Only as our vision goes upward out of this body, out of this world of force, do we get up into a free strata, a free realm, where we’re no longer body locked, landlocked, earthbound, but where we are free souls. You know that all of this world, except the mystics or those on the mystical path, are locked up in their bodies. Their body is the most real thing to them. They’re fastened into it and can’t escape from it, and that’s where their misery comes—being landlocked inside of the body, being earthbound inside of the body and having no freedom.

The very first freedom that an individual attains is when they can look in the mirror and say that this body is not Me. This body is not Me. I am Me. I, I am Me. I am Joel. Not this body, this body isn’t Joel. I am Joel, and if the doctors searched from head to foot they couldn’t find Joel inside of this body for I am not here.

And that was the great mystical statement: “He is not here. He is risen”. That’s the symbology of the Resurrection. We are not entombed in this body. In our Resurrection we rise out of the tomb of this body and realize I am Joel. I am not body. I am Joel and I am not in a body. They could not search this body from top to bottom and find me for I am not here. I do not live in a body. I live in Consciousness. I live in God. I live and move and have my being in God therefore I fill all space. I am here and I am there and I am everywhere. I am where God is and God is where I am for we are one, and that one is not limited to time or to space or to place. And that’s why the materialist fears death because they think that with the end of the body, there comes an end of me. How foolish! I’m not in the body. I never was in the body. I won’t live in the body and I won’t die out of the body for I will never be in the body. And therefore, there is no need to fear death because death is just checking the body at a weigh station while we keep going on.

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