Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Easter

This does not mean I have my ducks in a row:)

I am having an incredible experience at this Easter Retreat at our Healing Center. Everyone stays in light and everything goes easy. Including the cleaning up. Thank you!
I am trying to stay in the present moment and be with Jesus, who is tangible present here.

I'd like to share a story of David here, who found us through the internet and called. He shared his story with me:

The Encourager’s Story………………….

The doctor said,” There is nothing more we can do for you David, the cancer is gone but the pain will remain. We think it is radiation burn from the radiation treatments that you had received in 1992 that is the cause of your pain. The doctor then said “I will have you enter the hospital and we will remove your rectum and you can live with a colostomy bag. Many people live this way and have a good life with out the devastating pain that you are in everyday.”

At that time I had a wake up call.

I had a colostomy bag before during recovery from my first bout with colon rectal cancer and although I could live with one and the undesirable side affects which that brings. I did not want too. Still in pain I went home and called another doctor. He was a pain management doctor. I meet with him and he proscribed to me Vicodin and Percocet to end the pain. It worked to ease the pain however my life was still unmanageable. My colon was not working properly. I had two bouts with colon rectal cancer along with two surgeries and the last surgery in 2006 the doctor removed 1/3 of my colon. My quality of life was, well not good at best. I do not want to elaborate, I just want to give you some background on my situation. I am no longer on any pain pills and the pain has all but subsided. It was God calling me all the time. God uses ALL the events in our lives to call us when he knows that we are one of His chosen. If you are reading this note today you are one of His chosen spirits that he created so long ago. Remember, in ALL the religious texts; He tells us “I new you before you were conceived in your mothers womb.”

The doctors found my recovery to be unexplainable and truly extraordinary. But then, as they say, "these things do sometimes happen." Don't they? You bet they do. And so it was and still is. I offer to anyone who cares to listen, the simple message of total God-dependence: "Simply let go and let God". To some, it sounds like surrender and so it is. But what awesome healing power is found in letting His Will be done. His will is your perfect will !!

I believe in miracles. More than that, I know they happen and are happening. It is God's Will that we be whole and perfect as we were created. And in the "great good fortune" of this eternal Truth, we, as so-called mortal men, have nothing whatsoever to say about it. I live in, and continue to practice living in "the right here and now, just as it is". Please remember the past is gone, the future is not here yet, so if you are thinking in one of these two realms then your mind is really “blank”. Nothing you are thinking about is real. I hope this helps you. I think it will. I love you. I carry a message of miraculous spiritual recovery and try to serve the best I can our Savior Jesus Christ. Without whom, this life and all eternity is meaningless. The miraculous healing of our minds and bodies occur through the Holy Spirit, in the continuing power of our acts of forgiveness and love, with no regard whatsoever for this unforgivable world of pain and death.

God Bless Us Everyone

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