Thursday, October 04, 2007

Your Time Is Up!

"You are constantly ignoring the fact that everything is always over and gone."

This is a sentence from Master Teacher this morning. It made me laugh out loud.

It makes me happy.
It makes me happy this thought, that when I think anything:
I am this or that, happy or sad and so on in the human charade, its not there for me to look upon. I will be wrong about any judgment or observation. Good, bad,--who cares, it will be past.

It is not that you won't have those thoughts...but why (ohhh why) would you want to hold on to any grievance for longer than a second? WHY????? Why would you want to continue to hurt yourself??
Being a body is a grievance.Perceiving is a grievance.Space and time is a grievance.

Freedom of bondage is only one thought away.

I am getting sometimes a bit inpatient about your stories.
...The calls I get sometimes even at night. For example last night...

I am listening to this dear friend telling me for the hundreds time about her feeling abused and waiting for revenge. I am not inpatient in the sense of you not getting it, because I know you have. What I don't get is your insistence on being right about your story, people being out there to get you. You know in the depth of your heart, that what you are telling yourself cannot possibly be the truth. And if it was, it is over now, isn't it? I am just laughing at the tragic games we play ----till we really had enough.

This is the moment of your awakening.

You have to WANT it. That's simple.

You are finally getting tired to hurt yourself and within that belief everyone on earth. You are not alone in experiencing your thoughts. Why delay the inevitable?

You are free and created without limits in any way. You are Love and everything around you is Love. Basta.

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