Monday, November 12, 2007

There is no Conclusion to Life!

"What Jesus said is actually true. When you are in spiritual consciousness you can ask God for anything and get it. Only be sure that you are asking for something spiritual, for that is all that God has to give. And what is it that is spiritual? Nothing but God.

Therefore, ask for anything you want so long as you ask for God. It doesn’t make any difference what you ask for, only be sure you are asking for God. No one in the history of the world has ever prayed for God to give them the gift of Himself, the Gift of God, who has not received it.

Whereas people are sitting around praying for companionship, money, employment and they keep praying for days and then wonder why God did not see fit to answer their prayers. God only has Himself to give and that is all that you should pray for!"--Study & Meditation #24 from Joel Goldsmith, 1958

The mind training of the Course in Miracles teaches me to let go of ANY result here.
I do not know what my best interests are.

ONLY your relationship with God has any reality.

Master Teacher told me one day on the phone:
You are waiting for a conclusion. There isn't any.

That hit me right in the eye-and I started to see. I am so grateful!

Somewhere I was still waiting for something to occur in time. A conclusion to all my efforts and dedication to God. Sometime, when I will be rewarded for my good deeds and such.

Here on earth the conclusion is always death. You really think if you will be dying some day, you will be going to heaven. Death as your foundation for heaven. NO. You are dead right NOW believing that.

Heaven can ONLY be reached right NOW.

It is your mindfulness towards an alternative.

Not THIS anyway.

Believing you are a body and separate from God was a mistake. It has been corrected.

Finally you are not afraid anymore to trust in God with all you got and GLAD, that we are NOT getting what we are praying for.
It is not going to be how I think it should or will be.

Thank God!

It is always a surprise!
I love you. Mean it.

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