Friday, October 26, 2007

Let The Hounds Of Heaven catch up With you.

I am invited to teach tomorrow at our online Advent in German. Oh God, that's going to be some fun exercise. I am so used to teach in English, that its hard to remember any German word for anything I wanna say. It took me 2 days to even find my Course book in German.

Oh well, there is a God and He loves me.

This week I was asked to design a website for Debra Poneman. Her book will come on the market Nov. 1. So she needed a website now. I just said Yes.- And I am so amazed, how you all of the sudden get this whole download. The colors and the whole look was given me over night and it was fun and no effort. I am playing.

I like this guy- listen to his short video.
I love to see that awakening is realizing your true nature and it does not need any doing. In fact all doing is the hindrance to your enlightenment. STOP and let the hounds of heaven catch up with you. Yeahhh!

I love you, Lily.

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