Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank God for Ass Kicking

So, I got a little ass kicking from Lisa today. She checks my blog every day and i am not writing.
BUT I want to learn how to write. BUT I can't learn if I don't PRACTICE. I have to give it a try. Even though I might think I suck at writing or I have nothing to say, or there is something more important and so on.
Sounds just like A Course in Miracles: I do not have to believe the lesson, or understand it, BUT I have to be WILLING to PRACTICE. TO GIVE. Time. Exposure.

In fact there is something going on in my mind for a few days/weeks or forever/whatever.
And up front I have to apologize for all those who's expectations I don't meet or that think i do not understand their problems or have the feeling I am a bit rough.
I am truly sorry, if I caused you pain.

I LOVE you.

I truly do.

I am desperate for truth. So, when you call me, I assume you are desperate for truth. It is a matter of life or death for you.
I assume you are asking for help and are ready to receive it along with me. We will ask together. Leave EVERYTHING behind. All concerns, problems, judgments, illness, the past, the future, experiences, fear, good, evil, EVERYTHING.
I understand we don't know how to do that.

This does not matter.

This is where the miracle takes place. I can't do it, but He will IF I LET HIM.
So basically I have to be willing to shut up and trust in a plan not of my own making.

I have to make room for God to enter.

That's all. No biggy. That's what I truly believe: It is NO BIG DEAL.
But hey, you DEMAND that I listen to your story. That I enter into the past with you. Pitty you for the mess you are in.

Please bare with me: I love you for the reality in you. You are that. I LONG to join with you. BUT: I do not need to know your story, because your story is exactly like mine: You feel something has gone wrong, you don't know the way out, you feel you are going to get old, sick and die in the end. This is it. Period.
You might be caught in the specifics, but the bottom line is: you end up dead.

Good news is: you are already dead.

I just hope you called, because you want to live. You want to be ALIVE! Whatever it takes. You are looking for the solution.

A thousand times: GLADLY would I join with you in your willingness to find it.

I already know it's a total mess. So: Let's get out of here. Dust to our heels. Let God find us and be willing to trust that there is something bigger than my little self image that I made and that has nothing to do with God.

Nothing in this world is true. Listen to this: NOTHING.

So, why bother? WHY?????? Why ARE you calling?????

OK. So, I need this for myself. I need God, like the air I am breathing. Better yet: God is the air I am breathing.

God is found now.


In this very instant.

...and it has NOTHING to do with my story. It is not connected with it and never will be.

You are really ONLY abiding in Him. There is no world.

Yes. Healing is truly instantaneous and has nothing to do with time at all.

Thank God!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Amazing. In the simplicity of your pure expression is all power, strength, and grace. You're a beautiful writer.

Thank God is right. I love you Lily.

6:35 PM  

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